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What clients say about working with Daniel...





"Daniel is AWESOME, with a capital AWE! My husband and I have been seeing him for a while now, and it has improved our relationship tremendously. It wasn't particularly bad to begin with, we were mostly stuck in some non-productive communication patterns. With Daniel, it's like we now have a referee and a cheerleader rolled into one. Never a judgment, always respectful and encouraging, the sessions are delightful. If you feel stuck in a rut in any way, I suggest calling Daniel to schedule an appointment. Tell him I sent you!" - From Client review on Yelp






"Daniel was recommended to me by my PCP; and I couldn't be more grateful to have found such a wonderful, caring and intelligent therapist.  After several years of suffering from depression and anxiety, I was at a breaking point where I no longer enjoyed life the way I used to. I felt like the shell of a person who was just going through the motions of daily life; void of happiness and love (for myself and others).  

From the very first session, Daniel made me feel comfortable and at ease.  He took the time to understand me and what was really at the core of my issues. The one thing that I appreciated the most was that he really helped me to understand myself, and WHY I have certain reactions or thoughts.  Then he showed me HOW to change the things that were causing me so much grief.  *Spoiler!*  It required me to put in work, and it was hard and scary at times.  But all of the "homework" has led me to today; where I can truly say that I am a happy person.  I am so much more capable and strong because of the way Daniel has positively influenced the direction and energy of my life.  I have so much to be grateful for, including this ability to change and grow as a person.  

Daniel is the kind of therapist that will basically end up costing himself business, because you won't have to keep going forever!  He gives you the tools to take control.  I no longer see Daniel regularly, but I am constantly referring to the clever and wise advice he shared with me.  I'm still working on things, and I probably always will have to.  But that's okay, because it's totally worth it.
- From Client review on Yelp






"Daniel is a kind, compassionate therapist who helped me turn my life around. He has been able to really hear what's at the core of my anxiety and help me come up with tangible ways of approaching things. I am so glad I found him.- From Client review on Yelp







Five-Star Client Ratings on HealthGrades, Yelp,, and Google+.



Note: Testimonials have been edited to reflect a name change from Dana to Daniel and correct gender pronouns.

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