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Treating Low Self-Esteem



How can therapy increase my self-esteem? The word “esteem” comes from the Latin word æstimare which means “to value or appraise”- so self-esteem is how one values, or measures, one’s own self- worth. Christine Webber, psychotherapist and life coach, suggests that self-esteem can be measured by asking yourself the following questions:


  • Do I like myself?

  • Do I think I'm a good human being?

  • Am I someone deserving of love?

  • Do I deserve happiness?

  • Do I really feel - both in my mind and deep in my guts - that I'm an OK person?


Like many people, you may find it difficult to answer “yes” to these questions. Talk therapy may help increase a person’s self-esteem by simply inviting the exploration of these questions in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. I can also help you to begin to recognize and even anticipate the scenarios which may trigger the negative self-talk that supports low self-worth. Together, we can build a tool box to help modify habitually disempowering responses to life events and relationships, so that you feel more positive about yourself, more in control of your emotions and more successful in your relationships.

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