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Gender and Gender Therapy


I have worked for over 20 years to support trans and non binary individuals to live safe, authentic lives.  I strongly believe that gender is a natural expression of human diversity, and not a pathology to be treated.  While recent years have seen an expanded access to care, the need for therapeutic accessibility and advocacy has only increased as more (and often younger) individuals find the courage to “come out”, and as trans and non binary people seek critical support in navigating challenges in economic, legal, social, academic, and relational realms. 


In my office, I endeavor to offer a safe environment for individuals, couples, and family members of all genders. This means that individuals who present anywhere on the broad gender spectrum are welcome and will be received with care and awareness.

It also means that if you are non binary, transgender, agender, genderfluid, male or female, but you are coming in because you are having relationship issues, depression, anxiety or other issues unrelated to gender, that we will not focus on your gender as the therapeutic 'problem'.

Gender Therapy. I work with adolescents (and their families) and adults who would like support in exploring their gender themselves or in communicating about it with others. 

A special note about teens and children. In working with teens and children, I work with the whole family. I am a resource  for peer and family support, and I work from the premise that the health of the child/teen is contingent on the support and health of their entire family.  

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