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Communication Skills



Although many folks associate therapy with enhancing intimate relationship communication issues, therapy can also be of great help with communication challenges with parents, grown children, extended family, work colleagues, neighbors, and friends.


How can therapy help me communicate more effectively with others? Have you ever tried to express something extremely important to a person in your life, only to realize that what he or she “heard” is completely different from what you intended to communicate? Of course! Many of us take our literal ability to speak so much for granted that we do not realize that successful communication involves developing good assertiveness and listening skills, as well as the opportunity to practice with a willing listener on the other end.


A few children are lucky enough to grow up in families with healthy, direct, self and other-affirming communication skills. The rest of us discover upon entering into adult relationships, that although we can talk, we may not be all that good at communicating without using the maladaptive coping mechanisms of blaming, shaming, intellectualization, distracting, avoidance etc… that we learned so well in our families growing up.


Therapy can help individuals, couples, and families to develop effective and authentic communication skills that may enhance clarity, improve relationships and even increase self-esteem. Therapy provides a non-judgmental setting in which to increase awareness of old and worn out communication strategies while exploring and practicing a variety of more helpful approaches.

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