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Asperger's & Neurodiversity



“Neurodiverse” adults, teens, couples and families are welcome in my practice.  Although I am not an expert in evaluation (and will refer out if one is needed for academic support/placement), I work regularly with individuals whose unique sensitivities, communication issues, cognitive diversity, and interpersonal challenges that may come from being on the Autism/Asperger’s Spectrum. 


Neurodiverse kids and adults need a safe place to explore what is working well in their lives and what areas might be causing distress, social isolation, bullying, anxiety, depression or challenges in their relationships.  I strongly believe in the beauty of human uniqueness and offer support without pathologizing or judging the qualities that make each person different and special.  We can work to make life more comfortable and successful without erasing or eliminating what makes you, you. 


I can and do often help neurodiverse folks in the following ways:


  • Helping kids and young adults navigate the often bewildering world of social “rules.”

  • Neurodiverse and nurotypical people often attract and couple up. I call this partnership: “neuromagnetic”.  I can help “translate” between the different “languages” that neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals are speaking in their relationship, so that there is better understanding and communication.

  • Supporting neurodiverse youth and young adults in exploring identity and finding meaningful ways to express themselves in the world.

  • Helping neurodiverse folks with the damage to self-esteem that can arise from years of being told that they are “getting it wrong” by neurotypical cultural norms and expectations.


Excellent resources:

  • I highly recommend Jennifer O’Toole’s book, The Asperkid’s Secret Book of Social Rules, and her website and blog:

  • Resources for “neuromagnetic” couples:  I recommend David Finch’s book, The Journal of Best Practices.



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