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Treating Addictions


Addiction is a pattern of behavior which continues despite negative consequences and leads to significant impairment or distress in social, work or recreational settings. 


The object of addictions can come in almost endless shapes and forms. In fact, humans can misuse an enormous variety of substances and experiences to keep from experiencing uncomfortable, unwanted feelings and thoughts. Addiction is sometimes about an excessive quantity of use, but it can also be identified by the “out of control” nature and self-destructive consequences of one’s relationship to the substance or experience. Even things that can be fine in moderation –such as exercise, sex, and eating– can be “used” in addictive and compulsive ways that can harm your relationship with yourself and others.


I work with both Harm Reduction (non-abstinence) and 12-Step approaches to recovery.


Some common addictive behaviors that therapy can help with include:


  • Alcohol and drug addiction – whether “prescription”or “street” drugs

  • Workaholism – using excessive or important work to avoid feelings or relationships

  • Excessive or compulsive exercising

  • Excessive shopping and/or kleptomania

  • Sex addiction

  • Internet addiction (gaming, pornography, or compulsive smart phone checking)

  • Eating disorders

  • Gambling


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