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Daniel Blumrosen, MA, LMFT

Hello! I am here to help.

Thanks for visiting my website. First of all: it can be a big deal to take this step. Many folks call me and hang up before they leave their message. I understand. It can be scary and even weird to call a stranger for help - let alone sharing things that are vulnerable and challenging enough in your own head.


So, with that in mind, I hope I can make this process a little safer and easier for you. Whether you end up working with me, just browsing around for a resource, or whether I can simply help connect you to another therapist or support service, I am here to help.


If you are here, you may be curious about therapy,  feeling the need to reach out for help for yourself or someone you care about, and/or,  wondering about what it might be like to do therapy with me. My hope is that these pages reflect my sincere care for my clients and future clients and my commitment to creating a safe and non-judgemental space for all types of people, relationships and families.


You’ll find answers to questions about how I work with people, what my office looks like, what books and ideas inspire my thinking about health and healing, and what topics are most frequently explored in my practice.


My office is in Berkeley, California and I look forward to the possibility of working with you.


Daniel B.

"Daniel is AWESOME, with a capital AWE! My husband and I have been seeing him for a while now, and it has improved our relationship tremendously...." READ MORE



"From the very first session, Daniel made me feel comfortable and at ease.  He took the time to understand me and what was really at the core of my issues...Daniel has positively influenced the direction and energy of my life. I have so much to be grateful for, including this ability to change and grow as a person..." READ MORE 



"Daniel is a kind, compassionate therapist who helped me turn my life around. He has been able to really hear what's at the core of my anxiety and help me come up with tangible ways of approaching things...." READ MORE

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